Friday, March 20, 2009

summer landscape

the hills of the end of another dusty day

roses and tomatoes

The roses are from Michelle's garden, but the tomatoes are mine!
For some reason the tomatoes are doing well this year-
I think chutney might be happening soon.

Autumn begins

fuzzy leaves and fuzzy flowers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Around the house .... in close-up

and in the cupboard - a porcelain plate from Parnell, wine glasses from Wilf,
a small deco jug from Roseville and a perfume bottle from my sister!!
See the tiger, frog and blue bird, too?

How amazing things are in closeup...small treasures out of time, too easily taken for granted.
The stones are from the Kimberley and given by a traditional owner, the clock was
passed to me by my grandmother before she died, and the fairies are from my mother....


the sun is almost up! A cluster of impossible fruitiness
with reflections of Fragonard-pink clouds

over the other side, in Commonwealth Park some 30 mins later!
the rising sun hits the rising balloons. Atmosphere is still smoky...

We dashed everywhere last Saturday. Here is a compilation
from the new camera - its first day out.
Such fun!!!