Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boating idyll

A perfect morning...
summer in Arcady.

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Alice said...

Beautiful serenity, Cathy.

You asked how we control the possums......we don't actually have any possums, or at least no damage from them. I did hear one around midnight one night - I think he was across the road - but we've never seen any signs of them here.

We net the grapes (from the Currawongs), and the apples, pears and peaches (from parrots or cockatoos). There are usually so many plums that I'd gladly give some to the birds. The apricots, cherries and nectarines we monitor closely and pick as soon as ripe in order to 'beat the birds'.

We picked 35kg of cherries off our one tree this year, which was pretty amazing. Also had lots of apricots. I hope we'll get enough pears to bottle this year - I haven't in the past. The apples were very prolific two seasons ago; not quite so last year. Probably just as well as I'd have run out of bottles.

Do you bottle your fruit or make lots of jam?