Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boating idyll

A perfect morning...
summer in Arcady.

Sunny moon grass

One day I daresay someone clever will invent a bifocal camera
so that the moon and the forground can both be in focus.
Or I will find out how to make it happen.
In the meantime, this will have to do.

Walking around the Lake: Friday

It is amazing what you see with a camera.
I didn't know that the dragonfly was looking at me
until I zoomed in on the shot afterwards.
I suppose the spider was eyeing me off too.
Hot and a bit shaky on my morning walk
under a hot early morning sun, it was hard to
keep the camera still.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black Mountain Tower

Hi ho! Can't resist!
A recognisable Canberra icon at last!!
Not pretty, but somehow inescapable.
(and I'm experimenting with cropping...)

Kangaroo grass in sunlight

Just a moment in passing, easily missed,
but a golden start to my morning walk.

Morning Birds

and here is the moorhen...

A grass parrot and a moorhen....

Now for the wildlife!

A rather bedraggled crimson rosella, gnawing bark.
It is definitely moulting time.
They look so grumpy in close up.
(Taken 5 times optical zoom,
then 10 times digital zoom,
so a bit fuzzy, but not too bad!)

Distant landmarks!

Parliament House in the distance in a sombre mood.
I think the rocks in the forground are the spine of what was once a hill-
an igneous intrusion into what looks like mudstone -
now just a part of Yarramundi Reach.

Oh, I could have dived in!

Walking around the Lake!

A series of views from around Lake Burley Griffin, from the Black Mountain side.
7.15am and it is already sultry, leaving the mountains to recede.
Still there were a lot of birds out, as you can see!